The trouble with RocketPost

For the past few months, I’ve been using RocketPost, an offline blog editor for Windows. I tend to experiment with tools like these – I’m also trying out QumanaXP beta – as I search for an ideal editor.

So far, RocketPost has been a great tool. It’s powerful and simple to use with an interface that is easy to understand. It offers some great features and I thought it is indeed the best such tool out there on the Windows platform.

Until now. Earlier this week, RocketPost checked online for an updated version, found one and installed it. That’s when the trouble began.

Crashing, instability and unreliability. My Windows XP event viewer is peppered with error events all saying variations of “Hanging application RocketPost.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.” Uninstalling it proved really tricky (no uninstaller!) which I achieved by running the setup again which uninstalled the existing install. Installed it again but no improvement (if anything, crashing got even worse). So it’s now completely uninstalled.

Problems do happen with software so you get in touch with the vendor’s support. That’s what I did with RocketPost – four emails so far to the support email address and to the developer himself. No reply at all. I’m now a little pissed off, especially as I did cough up the $99 to buy RocketPost. This is not a cheap application.

So I’m left with a completely unusable product, I’m out $99 and I get no reply from the vendor or the support people. Maybe the vendor will see this post and respond. Otherwise I guess I’ll put it all down to experience and not recommend RocketPost to anyone.

Meanwhile it’s back to my love/hate relationship with ecto for Windows.

Neville Hobson

Social Strategist, Communicator, Writer, and Podcaster with a curiosity for tech and how people use it. Believer in an Internet for everyone. Early adopter (and leaver) and experimenter with social media. Occasional test pilot of shiny new objects. Avid tea drinker.

  1. neville

    I sent one more email today, Steven, which makes 5 in total now. Still no reply. Last chance saloon! Maybe next is writing comments at places where the trial app is available for download (eg, CNET’s just pointing out this awful customer service.

    Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

  2. Aaron

    It’s odd that they continue to put out updates, yet have stopped responding. I wish they would stabilize for a couple of weeks on the current features before introducing new ones.

    I’m at least glad that I paid less for it. :)

  3. neville

    Without knowing any reason why there’s no response, Aaron, all you can do is speculate. Are they out of business? Are they busy working on fixing the product? Are they just ignoring customers? Who knows.

    It’s a real shame as the product is actually very good. At least, the version I had that worked.

  4. Aaron

    I just added a new post, hoping that when people type in RocketPost Review on Google, mine might be near the top!

    RocketPost Review

    I don’t think they’re out of business — I continue to get new updates for the software. I’ve tried e-mailing the support e-mail addresses and the “” that was my original contact (and honestly, the original reason I purchased the software).

    I’m looking back at Blogjet. It was simple and functional and reasonably priced from what I recalled.

  5. neville

    That’s a pretty clear message in your post, Aaron!

    I have BlogJet too but I prefer ecto for Windows, with all its quirks (I have a love/hate relationship with it).

    Such a pity about RocketPost. I ought to post something too…

  6. neville

    I’ve just felt that of all the offline editors I’ve used, ecto for Windows is the one I prefer even with its constant bugs (take a look at the support forum to see what I mean). I like it’s semi-code view plus seeing everything (categories, time, etc) in the same window.

    Yet RocketPost was the best one of all, in my view. Really a shame that the support is pitiful.

    I’d downloaded the ecto beta but haven’t installed it yet. Past experience with ecxto betas is that they tend to be very buggy indeed. So I’d planned to wait for the next beta or even the one after that. But I think I’ll install this one and see what happens.

  7. Net

    Neville, I feel terrible for having recommened it to in the first place…I actually haven’t had any issues with it at all so far. But you are right if there is no support – that is no good at all. I play around with all the other editors too, Qumana XP, BlogJet and Ecto. Ecto is too instable and weird, Qoumana is fine but slow and heavy. Blojet is very fast but limited and has no tagging support. I really hope the RocketPost support comes back to you soon. Its is actually a very good product in the end…

  8. neville

    Don’t feel bad, Net. You recommended RocketPost in good faith, as I’ve done to some friends as well.

    I agree, it is a great tool. Well, it was up until the reliability problems I posted about. And then of course, tech support that sucks (or is non-existent, more accurately).

    Now two weeks since I first emailed them. Still no reply which has exhausted any credibility the developer had.

    So a $99 experiment that failed.

  9. Pidge

    You might want to give our app – Zoundry – a test run (if you have not already done so). Previous versions did not have spell check or source code editing, but the upcoming 1.0 will have it. (And it will also be free).


    FYI – this app might “seem a bit slower” than BlogJet as it does have to do a little bit more work (depending on the blog server) to support full offline management (similar to Qumana XP). (instead a typical “post and forget”) .

  10. Robert

    Thanks for passing this information on. I’m super-new to blogging and was really excited about RocketPost.

    I came across your blog via Google while doing my due-diligence. I also left a comment at the RocketPost site with my decision not to purchase. Perhaps they will contact me or you finally.

    Anyway, your blog was helpful, and I wanted to thank you.



  11. Tevenauta

    There is a GREAT new blog client out there, it’s called BlogDesk and it’s FREE. I feel it’s cleaner than BlogDesk, very stable and just excellent. Did I mention it’s FREE?

    I’m not associated with BlogDesk, but feel that you need to be aware of this, it’s great and free. You’ll love it.

  12. Javier

    Hello all. Maybe by this time you know Windows Live Writer. It’s hard to believe that is from Microsoft.

    From the website:

    • WYSIWYG editing: Edit using the style of your blog, including fonts, colors, line spacing, margins, etc.
    • Rich content: Insert and customize rich content like photos, maps and more
    • Offline editing: Compose and edit drafts even when you’re not connected to the Internet
    • Blog preview: See exactly what your post will look like in the context of your blog before you upload it
    • Smart image publishing: Add images to your blog post, and they’ll automatically appear as thumbnails that link to larger images with more detail
    • Compatibility: Support for publishing to Windows Live Spaces, as well as Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, and many other blog hosting services

    It only lacks a button that could strip all format from content you paste from other applications or webpages, which is a feature I would love.

  13. Robert Mark

    Now if only I could have found your post before I too coughed up $99 for RocketPost.

    I also found service almost non existant although Manish did at least promise to set up a phone support call when I ran in to a problem.

    Of course he never did and never responded again.

    A few weeks back I had the same idea as someone else here and posted a review on CNET saying I actually liked the product but unfortunately didn’t realize until after I’d run into issues that there was no support.

    There was an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal last week about how many new tech companies are faltering as they realize that simply building a good product doesn’t guarantee success.

    One of the most common missing elements was product support.

    My guess is Anconia will become another one of the companies that will soon fade away because they were too busy or arrogant to listen to the people who were plunking down their money.

    BTW, has anyone tried that Windows or Zoundry blogging software?

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