The trouble with RocketPost

For the past few months, I’ve been using RocketPost, an offline blog editor for Windows. I tend to experiment with tools like these – I’m also trying out QumanaXP beta – as I search for an ideal editor.

So far, RocketPost has been a great tool. It’s powerful and simple to use with an interface that is easy to understand. It offers some great features and I thought it is indeed the best such tool out there on the Windows platform.

Until now. Earlier this week, RocketPost checked online for an updated version, found one and installed it. That’s when the trouble began.

Crashing, instability and unreliability. My Windows XP event viewer is peppered with error events all saying variations of “Hanging application RocketPost.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.” Uninstalling it proved really tricky (no uninstaller!) which I achieved by running the setup again which uninstalled the existing install. Installed it again but no improvement (if anything, crashing got even worse). So it’s now completely uninstalled.

Problems do happen with software so you get in touch with the vendor’s support. That’s what I did with RocketPost – four emails so far to the support email address and to the developer himself. No reply at all. I’m now a little pissed off, especially as I did cough up the $99 to buy RocketPost. This is not a cheap application.

So I’m left with a completely unusable product, I’m out $99 and I get no reply from the vendor or the support people. Maybe the vendor will see this post and respond. Otherwise I guess I’ll put it all down to experience and not recommend RocketPost to anyone.

Meanwhile it’s back to my love/hate relationship with ecto for Windows.

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