A mission for TypePad

If you use the TypePad hosted blog service, you’ll likely find TypePad Hacks extremely useful as a resource to figure out how to, well, hack TypePad.

You’ll undoubtedly find the 40 ways TypePad could rock even harder very useful in seeing the things you’d love to be able to do with TypePad but just can’t.

The man behind TypePad Hacks is John T Unger, and those 40 things are part of the reason why he’s a man with a mission:

[…] I believe that blogs have the power to change lives, and sometimes the world. I believe this because it happened to me and I know I’m not remotely the only person who can say that. So I started this blog to try to make TypePad an even more powerful tool for change. I figure with enough help from other bloggers, it’s possible. It’s certainly worth a shot.

As someone who left TypePad behind last month (still have my moblog running there, though), I admire Unger’s determination and what he’s trying to achieve. Success!

(Via Hugh MacLeod)

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Neville Hobson

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  1. john t unger


    Thanks for helping to spread the word. I think this is going to be a really interesting dialogue as it goes forward… so far the response has been even larger than I hoped and there have been some great responses in the comments.

    Maybe if it all goes well, we’ll have fewer people writing about having left Typepad (though I can easily see how some of the features you have now, here, would inspire you to switch).

    You’ve done a great job here with layout and functionality! Nice work.

  2. neville

    Just been reading some of the comments to your posts, John. TypePad Hacks certainly has grabbed some attention (and I bet you’ll get some cathartic outpourings as well, eg, more like Steve Borsch’s comments).

    Many of the items in your list of 40 would be terrific to have at TypePad. Would they have kept me there with my primary blog? Probably not. Although I’d planned my own server/blog setup in mid 2005, it was the service issues and outages late last year and early this rather than lack of features that became the final straw.

    Thanks for your nice words re this blog. It’s cool what you can do with WordPress, a good theme and a bit of luck :)

    Incidentally, you might be interested in related discussions re Movable Type – take a look at Todd Cochrane’s posts this week over at Geek News Central.

  3. john t unger

    I’m sure there will be some catharsis… I’m hoping everyone makes an effort to be civil, which has so far been overwhelmingly the case. In fact, it may be the most diplomatic comment thread I’ve ever seen on a hot topic in the blogosphere. cool.

    The outages *were* a bad time. I though about moving then too, but decided to stick. I was really upset about having lost not one but a few posts when I clicked save during unscheduled outages. On the other hand, it does seem to happen to everyone. technorati’s servers are almost always under strain. Del.icio.us went down the same week as TypePad’s last big blackout. etc.

    I saw the post at Todd’s. Interesting comment thread… I linked it in one of my comments this morning.

    I got a comment and some emails just a bit ago to let me know that TypePad’s tech dept is reading the blog and likes it. Cool. And not a bad end to day one, at all.

  4. neville

    You have started something really interesting, John, and I wish you every success with it.

    Re civility, that’s a good perspective. If TypePad Hacks manages to be a place without the trollers and those with their own selfish axes to grind, that would be something. It would certainly play to Mena Trott’s call for civility in the blogosphere.

    Even though I’m here on WordPress now, I still have my TypePad blogs with my moblog being the current active one. So I’m going to participate where I can in your initiative. Not sure how yet but I’ll be in there somehow.

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