NCF2006: Hear the feedback

It’s been a tremendous week here in California! The New Communications Forum in Palo Alto was an outstanding professional development and networking event and I am very pleased indeed to have been part of it.

I wish I’d been able to post more about the Forum than I was able to. But lots of other participants have done that, so there is a rich seam of commentary and opinion to mine. I’ll be posting a bit more during the next few days before I get back to Amsterdam next week.

Jen McClure and Elizabeth Albrycht did a fantastic job organizing this event. And Matt Galloway has done something really interesting – he’s set up the New Communications Forum Buzz-o-Phone where every participant can phone-in comments and opinions about the event, and anyone can listen to those comments:

[…] The idea is simple: at any time during the conference you may call a toll-free number and record your thoughts about the conference […] Within a few minutes, your recording will be released to the world in a special podcast. […] Why? I thought that instead of trying to capture the essence of the conference in a cold dry blog post or two, that it would be much more interesting to hear directly from lots of different conference attendees. This will be a lot more fun if you call and offer up your two cents.

Fun indeed. And it works if you call the 800 number from a non-US phone (you just add +1 and you pay for the call). I did my two cents as have quite a few others. Now you can listen to what everyone is saying about the event. Neat concept, Matt.

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