Podcasting book deal with McGraw-Hill

In our podcast yesterday, Shel and I talked about some news that’s exciting for us and might be of interest to you.

We’ve just concluded a deal with business book publisher McGraw-Hill to write “Everything To Do With Podcasting,” a 450-page book that McGraw-Hill will publish in the second half of 2006.

As the planned title says, the book is about podcasting. While it will be an all-embracing approach to the topic of podcasting, it will also include a strong focus on podcasting for business which clearly will have an equally strong communication focus.

Our agent, Yvonne DiVita, has been instrumental in concludiung this deal, and I want to take this opportrunity to thank Yvonne. Great work!

As Shel and I have committed to delivering the complete manuscript by June 1, we’ve already made a start. We’re using a wiki as one of our collaborative tools and we will be opening up a new blog for the book as part of our overall work together. Not sure when that blog will be up but it should be soon.

We think this is the first book on podcasting by two authors who are also the two presenters of a business podcast.

As I said, we’re excited about this!

(Update 4 March: We now have a domain for the book blog: www.podcastingbook.net. Not in use yet. And Shel’s posted some more details on the FIR blog.)

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