Diem carp’d

Hugh and I were exchanging some emails about my little faux pas over my previous post about Edelman (re a story that turned out not to be true).

Mea culpa, said Hugh. A kind response, but it was more to do with my own ‘click-and-post’ behaviour rather than ‘click-and-read-everything first.’ Precisely the kind of thing that’s ammunition for those who delight in pointing out the lack of responsibility exhibited by some bloggers in posting without fact-checking.

But it’s an easy lesson to learn – always read everything before you post especially if it’s news-ish.

So thinking about Hugh’s mea culpa response, I wanted to come up with a humourus attempt at saying ‘blogger beware’ (with a deliberate pun intended) in Latin which I studied at school in England many moons ago. My pretty puny attempt was ‘blogeat emptor.’ Latin scholars will no doubt guffaw mightily.

Hugh came up with some much better ones:

  • caveat bloggus
  • diem carp’d

Any more?

Neville Hobson

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  1. Luke

    How about:
    errare bloganum est
    Advocatus Diablogli
    by the way, love the new look and how concise everything is. Great work on the new blog.

  2. Luke

    No clues, it was a bit of a stretch at any rate.
    From Advocatus Diaboli, or devil’s advocate, which is how I feel bloggers are at times, intended or otherwise, just for the sake of the argument.
    Blogito ergo sum has got to be my favorite, though, good work Niall.

  3. Luke

    Whooops, there I go clicking-and-posting without reading everything first. My original comment had them switched so I read your comment without looking at how I posted mine!
    errare humanum est: to err is human. How fitting.

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