Welcome to NevilleHobson dot com

Finally, I pressed the button and pulled the switch! From today, this is the place on the internet where I’ll be.

NevOn, the blog I’ve been writing since July 2004, now becomes the archive of record for the 1,470 posts, 2,030 comments and 835 trackbacks that, cumulatively, make up some terrific conversations.

If you subscribed to the FeedBurner RSS feed at NevOn, your subscription should transfer seamlessly to the similar feed for this blog. So you need do nothing – you’ll continue to receive my content. If you subscribed through any other means, well, there is no seamless transfer, unfortunately. In which case, you can sign up to the new feed here:


While this blog is now fully operational, it’s still a work in progress (a beta version, in fact). During the coming weeks, I’ll be working behind the scenes to finalize what’s here and how it works, especially the non-blog content that typically you’d access via the menu tabs at the top of the page or in the sidebar to your right.

Mostly, though, I now want to resume normal blogging service.

So, welcome to NevilleHobson.com. I hope we have a great time here.