Podcasting the IABC conference

IABC’s 2006 international conference takes place in Vancouver, Canada, on 4-7 June. This annual conference is the highlight of the IABC year where some 1,400 or more communicators from around the world gather for some serious professional development and some not-so-serious socializing.

I’ll be at this year’s event as I’m leading a session that will debate Organizational Communication 2.0.

I’m also very pleased and thrilled to say that my podcasting partner Shel Holtz and I have agreed to produce a series of podcasts for IABC leading up to and during the conference. Shel and I talked about this in last Monday’s edition of our podcast, and Shel has posted some more details on his blog.

More info soon including how to subscribe to the podcasts.

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    […] IABC 2006 International Conference. Vancouver, Canada, 4-7 June. I’m leading a 3-hour panel-based workshop that will address the topic “Organizational Communication 2.0: The age of social communication.” Likely to be a lively session as it will address themes that are all about disruption and loss of control in communication. Can’t wait! Also for the conference, Shel and I will be producing a series of podcasts for IABC, and I’ll be contributing as a blogger to the brand new conference blog that will be online in early April. […]

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