How much trust do I give Technorati?

A week ago, I started this new blog in preparation for moving house, so to speak, from NevOn where I’ve been blogging since mid 2004. As I mentioned in the first post here, I will be completing the move soon and be blogging only from here (during the coming week is the plan).

Given that I made no announcement or commentary on my current primary blog regarding this imminent move, it’s been interesting to me in seeing how quickly this new blog was discovered by other bloggers, all of whom made encouraging, helpful and amusing posts and comments on my re-born "newbie blogger" status (thanks, everyone!).

I’ve also found it interesting to see the continuing discrepancy in Technorati’s information about this new blog. When I started it, Technorati didn’t note any links to it from any other site. Well, hardly surprising – it was brand new and there were no links.

A week on, Technorati still says there are 0 links from 0 sites. Yet according to other Technorati data, there are 17 links as of today as this image shows:

Technorati links 19-2-06

Note the conflicting information – it says there are 17 links, and also says there are zero links. I believe the 17 figure as you can actually see the posts or blogrolls and, therefore, see the links.

What does this say about Technorati’s data? Well, frankly, it gives me cause to doubt the validity of what Technorati is telling me. If there is this discrepancy, why should I trust anything Technorati says (including today’s 3,219 rank for NevOn)?

But does all of this really matter? Even though people use Technorati’s profiles to get a sense of a particular blog or blogger’s popularity (certainly not to be confused with that blog or bloggers’ influence or authority – different things entirely), this is not about raw numbers.

Or maybe it is. Maybe you should use Technorati’s profile information purely as a raw-number view, and take it with a pinch of salt as well, as far as trusting it is concerned.

Anyway, whatever Technorati says, I’ll be blogging solely from here very soon.