Setting up for the switch

Ok, the blog is installed! The one-click installation procedure at DreamHost really makes it so simple.

This is mainly a test post using QumanaXP 3.0 beta, just to see that it works.

This WordPress blog will be a work in progress to start with as I set things up ready for live and for replacing my presence on TypePad. So after 19 months, nearly 1,500 posts and over 2,800 comments and trackbacks there, the conversation will move to a new home.

In reality, everything will start again from scratch under the new name

Here’s what will happen:

  • The TypePad blog and its domain name will stay where it is and will no longer be updated. That blog – NevOn – will then become the historical record of my blogging, and the conversations that happened there, since July 2004.
  • My original plan to move to a new WordPress blog I’d dubbed as NevOn 2.0 won’t happen. That blog will also cease and no longer be updated.
  • Still deciding what to do with a couple of other blogs. There’s my NevOn Experimental blog on Movable Type, plus the original one on TypePad. Plus my moblog that I definitely want to keep going.

Shouldn’t be too long before the switch.