If you’re a TypePad customer and you’re toying with the idea of switching to a different blog platform, Emily Robbins has written a useful comparison of WordPress and TypePad based on her own experience that you might find helpful to your thinking.

Emily’s post interested me because I’ve just made such a switch. Unlike Emily’s dilemma, though (importing all her TypePad content into a WordPress installation: should she?/shouldn’t she?), I switched to a new place leaving my TypePad blog where it is and which now serves as my historical archive.

Some of you might say such a comparison is not a like-for-like one. WordPress is a platform you install on your own/hosted server and maintain that installation yourself, whereas TypePad is a fully-hosted service meaning you don’t really have to worry about such things. And perhaps better to compare WordPress with Movable Type (more on that in a minute).

On the face of it, that’s all fair criticism. Yet, reality – many people are making such comparisons between WordPress and TypePad, whether they should be or not. After the last TypePad service outage which severely dented one’s confidence in the service’s reliability, I know a number of TypePad bloggers who are doing exactly that, some of whom have now switched away as a direct result of those service issues, all of them to WordPress.

One other influencing difference – WordPress is free, and you pay for TypePad (and, in some cases, for Movable Type).