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Welcome to my website. I’m a believer in an Internet for everyone, decentralized and accessible to all. Yet still half the planet has no access. I’m an early adopter and player with social media, yet mostly seeing how it works to benefit platforms and advertisers who show little genuine care for the rights and privacy of the users of those platforms. And I’m an experimenter with Web 3, trying to balance the enormous possibilities with the risks in order to see what’s next.

Here – at the intersection of business, communication and technology – I analyze and discuss trends, behaviours and practices in social and digital communication to help you (and I) understand the new landscapes and what they mean for each of us. Thanks for visiting.

Latest Articles

  • Keep an open mind about AI
    The suspension of a Google engineer called Blake Lemoine, who claimed an AI (artificial intelligence) in the form of a computer chatbot he was working on had become sentient and was thinking and reasoning like a human being, has stimulated […]
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: making foldable phones mainstream
    In mid-May, I got a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Launched in August 2021, this device bolstered Samsung’s reputation for innovation and leading-edge technology where they succeeded in bringing to market a smartphone with ‘flexible glass‘ that […]
  • A showcase of talent for the world
    We watched the Platinum Party at the Palace music concert on Saturday night (4 June 2022), broadcast live by the BBC from outside Buckingham Palace in London where more than 20,000 people had gathered to experience it in person. It […]
  • See the wood for the trees with NFTs
    We’re seeing the metaverse and Web 3.0 being used to hide promo codes, and companies are getting people to look around and earn things in the metaverse – that’s where I think there’s going to be a lot of growth. […]
  • The cost of defying public opinion about doing business in Russia
    As the continuing war that followed the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 passed its 90th day, the tragedy that has befallen Ukraine at the hands of Russia knows no bounds. The Donbas region in the east of Ukraine […]
  • Escape planning in case Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition succeeds
    Ever since Elon Musk announced his bid to acquire full ownership of Twitter, the matter has become a huge topic of discussion in mainstream and social media alike. In the US, much of the narrative surrounds fears that Musk’s ownership […]
  • Brands and the agony of Ukraine
    Today marks a sinister milestone for Ukraine. One month ago, on 24 February 2022, Russia began an invasion of the Eastern European country that has caused huge human suffering and death, and the immense destruction of property and the country’s […]
  • A new approach to strategy for building community
    Developing a strategy for something like creating and building a business-focused professional community typically follows a traditional path. While there is no single “right way” to creating your strategy, there are a number of key elements that should always be […]
  • Get to know DAOs
    Decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs are a hot topic these days. And with so much reporting and opinion it can be hard not only to understand what a DAO is but also to better understand the significance of this very […]

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  • I just changed the domain of this site to nevillehobson.fyi Why? you may be wondering. It seems to me to […]
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  • On this Star Wars Day 2022, my mind turned to the origins of this ennealogy of filmed stories that has […]
  • Published on April 8, 2022, ‘Hey Hey Rise Up‘ is Pink Floyd’s fundraiser for Ukraine featuring Ukrainian singer Andriy Khlyvnyuk […]


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