Live blogging comes to WordPress

[UPDATE: Venturebeat reports that a serious bug exists in this plugin. It seems that the developers created the plugin and tested it on a pre-release version of the next version of the WordPress software. My recommendation: don't use the plugin until you have installed an updated version that has been verified that it corrects the […]

The pros and cons of dedicated WordPress hosting

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Some web hosting companies specialize in delivering services dedicated to very specific types of software. WordPress is one example of popular open source software that a hosting company may feature. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this type of hosting. Some of the advantages include: Expertise in the software you want to use. The […]

No frills for a while


If you’re a previous visitor to this site, you’ll probably notice that it looks very different today compared to your last visit. What you see is the look and feel of the default WordPress theme known as Twenty Eleven that’s included with the latest version of the content management system, instead of the customized Thesis […]

How to protect your blog from viruses, backdoor Trojans and other nasty stuff


If you’ve ever been hit with a virus on your computer, you know how difficult it can be to thoroughly clean the machine, even when you have security software that does all the heavy work. Take that picture and apply it to your blog and you have a migraine-inducing situation, precisely what I’ve experienced during […]

Trust is key to avoiding a bad WordPress theme


A red flag waving is how I saw Siobhan Ambrose’s post a few days ago on why you should never search for free WordPress themes in Google or anywhere else. What Ambrose presents in her post is the result of some credible and compelling research she carried out into what could be going on behind […]

How to automate your copyright year


The other day, I noticed that the copyright notice I display in the footer of this blog still said ’2010.’ So I dived into the code in the footer template in the WordPress theme I use and made the change so that the copyright year now correctly states ’2011.’ Then I tweeted it as I’ve […]

Phone in your post to WordPress


A new feature for users of, the hosted WordPress blog service, was launched this week called Post By Voice – you phone in your blog post rather than type it. To use it, you enable the feature in your blog which generates a secret code. Then, you call a US phone number, enter […]

Much new behind WordPress 3


Version 3.0 of WordPress, the open-source content management system and blog platform, was released a few days ago. I upgraded this blog yesterday to the latest version, a process that was seamless, painless and very quick thanks to my 6-point upgrade plan that I’ve followed with every upgrade in recent years. The most immediate visible […]

Thesis tweaks with a little community help

About 15 months ago, I implemented the Thesis theme for WordPress on this blog. It’s  a premium theme (you pay for it) and a powerful one as it gives you access to the means to customize many aspects of the look-and-feel of your WordPress site and its functionality without your having to know much about […]