Differentiators in the battle for the 4G customer

Mobile operator EE has enjoyed a near year-long monopoly with its 4G cellular service in the UK, launched in October 2012. That dominant market position comes to an end this week as rival mobile operators Vodafone and O2 begin to roll out their own 4G services from today, starting in London. Or does it? The […]

The future can be rosy for advertising and mobile

I must have walked past Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London’s Soho scores of times over the past decades, yet I’ve never enjoyed the moments of being inside. Until last Wednesday. On March 20, the iconic venue was the place where some 200 people in advertising, marketing, PR and the mainstream media came together to […]

Vodafone #FAIL

I wrote the other day about delighting your customers not just pleasing them. The focus was all about behaviours and leadership, not technology or social media tools (although all of those things are intertwined in so many ways). “Delighting the customer” is a phrase foreign to Vodafone in the UK, if my recent experience is […]

Vodafone pays the price for lack of communication

If you want to know how to seriously upset your customers and get lots of bad press in one easy move, look no further than Vodafone in the UK and what happened when the mobile operator rolled out a bespoke system software update this week to its customers who have the popular HTC Desire smartphone, […]

Waiting for Vodafone for my Nokia update

Last September, Nokia released updated firmware version 30.0.018 for its N95 8GB model, the one I have. Today, some six months later, running the Nokia Software Updater application shows that the updated firmware version is still not available on my phone. Running a manual check on the Nokia website by phone product code number confirms […]