Looking at TweetDeck anew


One of the software programs that really kick-started wide use of Twitter in its early days was TweetDeck, first released in 2008. Acclaimed in particular by early adopters, TweetDeck quickly became the third-party app of choice for power users of Twitter because of its ability to let you do far more with Twitter than you […]

TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop: a tough choice


Ever since TweetDeck appeared on the Twitter scene in 2008, I’ve been a user and a big fan. Since then, it’s been the primary way I interact with Twitter on my computer desktop. Even though I don’t use many of TweetDeck’s bells and whistles beyond its core purpose – sending and receiving messages via Twitter […]

The market opportunity for Twitter apps


For day-to-day interacting with Twitter, you can’t beat a good third-party app in my experience. As to which is the best one, that’s largely a matter of subjective opinion although some popularity measurement is good, too. My favourite? TweetDeck followed closely by Seesmic Desktop which I’m trying out. Those are what I use on the […]

The utility of TweetDeck


One word that’s getting mentioned a lot by many Twitter users these days is TweetDeck, the desktop application for interacting with your Twitter community that’s the preferred app by increasing numbers of people including me. And one individual who’s getting a lot of attention at the moment is Iain Dodsworth, the London-based developer of TweetDeck, […]