TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop: a tough choice

Ever since TweetDeck appeared on the Twitter scene in 2008, I’ve been a user and a big fan. Since then, it’s been the primary way I interact with Twitter on my computer desktop. Even though I don’t use many of TweetDeck’s bells and whistles beyond its core purpose – sending and receiving messages via Twitter […]

A new Twitter app for Windows users from Seesmic

In my experience, the best way of interacting with your community on Twitter is by using a third-party application rather than via Twitter’s website. My app of choice on the desktop is TweetDeck, a product I’ve been using since it first appeared last year and which I’ve frequently written about. I also like Seesmic, an […]

The market opportunity for Twitter apps

For day-to-day interacting with Twitter, you can’t beat a good third-party app in my experience. As to which is the best one, that’s largely a matter of subjective opinion although some popularity measurement is good, too. My favourite? TweetDeck followed closely by Seesmic Desktop which I’m trying out. Those are what I use on the […]