On target with QR codes

A technology that’s often criticized as being in a cul-de-sac is QR codes, those little square images that you scan with an app on your smartphone to perform some kind of action. It’s that ‘action’ that’s the focus of criticism as some who have experimented with this nifty tech really have lacked imagination in its […]

QR codes at heart of lost-and-found service Belon.gs

A topic I’ve written about frequently here is QR codes, those square, random-looking black-and-white images that are meaningless to the eye but content-rich to a cameraphone and some barcode-scanning software. These little barcodes are popping up everywhere these days, and how they’re being used by marketers attracts praise and derision in almost equal measure. Given […]

The future for QR codes can be rosy

Whenever I read reports that assess how poorly QR codes and other barcodes are doing, and the unhappy outlook for their future, I’m always reminded of Hugh McLeod’s classic cartoon from 2007 you see here. A new report from eMarketer says that QR codes aren’t giving consumers what they want. [...] “What consumers want from […]

QR codes at the heart of Monmouthpedia

An interesting experiment gets its official launch this weekend when Monmouthpedia formally kicks off today. The Welsh town of Monmouth is the focus of this Wikipedia project that aims to create physical connections between places throughout the town, and events in its history, with respective content on Wikipedia. According to the description on Wikipedia: [...] […]

A little imagination is key to success with QR codes

“QR codes are a waste of time” is a phrase I hear often. While they are becoming more of a feature in brand marketing campaigns, I would agree with critics that how they’re included too often adds little to a campaign. I think it’s not so much that the codes themselves are a waste of […]