Buy a real pint with a virtual currency

A British pub lets you pay for your pint with Bitcoins: [...] The system is quick and effective. The bar staff press two buttons on the till and the screen displays a QR code. The customer opens their digital Bitcoin wallet, takes a snap of the screen and confirms the payment. The staff press one […]

What if Brancott had got it right with their QR code?

QR codes attract a great deal of commentary in marketing and communication circles, and pretty critical more often than not. I have a strong interest in QR codes, not so much about the technology of them: it’s far more about how marketers and others use them in their efforts to engage with consumers and others. […]

Could NFC make the business card really useful?

I have a thing about business cards. These little rectangular pieces of stiff paper or card seem to me to have outlived their analogue usefulness in today’s digital world. What are you supposed to do with one when someone gives you theirs? You somehow have to get their contact info from the card and into […]