Being inclusive about PR ethics

One of the great things about the Ethics Awareness Month initiative from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is that it helps focus clear attention on a core issue in the profession that, in many people’s minds, needs that attention. It doesn’t matter a bit that the PRSA’s initiative happens to be organized by […]

So what will you do for ethics in PR?

The subject of ethics in public relations often provokes strong opinions from people, especially when questionable practices fall under the critical spotlight – as Scott Adams so cannily grasped in this Dilbert cartoon in August. Ethics in PR issues from the past few years that readily come to my mind range from Edelman’s shattered pedestal […]

The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #366: July 28, 2008

Content summary: Wrap-up of Saturday’s FIR Live; Michael Netzley reports from Singapore on China’s Internet and business challenges around the upcoming Olympic Games; the Media Monitoring Minute from CustomScoop; News That Fits: 50 steps to establishing a consistent social media practice, PRSA’s new diversity podcast, how cool is Cuil?, Google Knol is an opportunity for […]