I bought a copy of the first edition of the Sun on Sunday


I bought a copy of the first edition of the Sun on Sunday to see what the fuss is all about. A multiple first – it’s also the first time I’ve ever bought The Sun. It looks and feels like the Monday-Saturday paper – one of their goals, I would imagine, not to look different. […]

How to hack a phone like News of The World journalists did

Via Reuters: World renowned computer hacker, Kevin Mitnick, shows you step-by-step how the News of the World journalists hacked into private voicemails. Shockingly easy to do with some open source software as Mitnick explains. If you access your mobile phone voicemail without a password, is that a risk worth taking? (Background: News International phone hacking […]

Seeing PR sense behind latest News International events


The announcement this morning that News International CEO Rebekah Brooks had resigned provoked near-universal applause on Twitter, from what I could see in my content stream. It was also reported in mainstream media around the world, illustrating quite clearly how significant this is beyond the UK. This and related events today look like the result […]

Making some drama from the NOTW crisis


Last week, the focus was on the News of The World and phone hacking, culminating in the newspaper’s final edition on Sunday July 10. This week, attention has shifted dramatically as events have moved up level by level to embrace the ultimate owner of the British newspaper, News Corporation, in a genuine crisis that could […]

A tipping point sets a milestone for mainstream media evolution


I’ve been reading through the News of The World today. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought this newspaper – and the last time, too, as this was its last edition. The closure that concludes 168 years of newspaper publishing is a sorry end to a popular tabloid that consistently served up the type of […]

On the death of a mainstream medium


It’s an astonishing end to a newspaper that published its first edition in 1843 and grew to become the biggest-circulation English-language weekly newspaper in the world, with a readership averaging close to 7.5 million in 2010. That newspaper is the News of The World (NoTW). After 168 years of publishing, this Sunday, July 10, is […]