NLA licensing creates FUD says Meltwater

The idea of having to pay to share links to online content published by the mainstream media is one that has stimulated much debate in the UK in recent months. Not only that, it’s generated strong opposition in the PR community, and has been to court. It’s also been the subject of an awareness-raising campaign […]

NLA wins latest move in ‘pay for clicks’ battle

Yesterday, the Court of Appeal in London ruled in favour of the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) in a long-running legal battle over licensing of links to content published in the mainstream media. The latest ruling upheld an earlier court decision that anyone copying and supplying UK newspaper web content, or links to that content, to […]

Everyone is trying to figure out the future of content

I was looking again at some of the video recordings of last week’s debate at the British Library in London that I went to, organized by B2B SaaS company Meltwater, and which addressed the topic of “The Future of Content.” The debate and subsequent Q&A session lasted two hours – you can watch the complete-event […]