The new image of Microsoft

Microsoft is changing its logo to the one you see above, the first change to its corporate and brand logo since 1987. In explaining the new look, Jeff Hansen, Microsoft’s General Manager Brand Strategy, says the company’s wave of new product releases coming this year – notably the new Windows 8 operating system, currently in […]

I’d love to try the new Office Preview if I could get it installed

This concise comment on Microsoft’s Office Preview support forum says it all about the frustrations that many people including me have experienced in trying to install the free trial version of Office Customer Preview: Hey Microsoft, make it simple yo…… Announced yesterday, Microsoft is making the trial universally available to anyone who cares to try […]

Touching Windows 8

If you have an interest in PC software and, in particular, operating systems, you’ll probably remember the milestones in each consumer release of Microsoft Windows. You may have fond memories of some versions, eg, Windows XP. Others, like Windows Me, might bring back some hostile thoughts. I have such memories from when I first used […]

Video: Installing Windows 7 beta

The public beta version of Windows 7 was released by Microsoft on January 9 to great enthusiasm by fans and anyone curious about what the next version of the Windows operating system would look like. I tried to download the 2.4 gigabyte file, without success. Luckily a Microsoft Twitter buddy sent me the beta on […]

Get Windows 7 beta while you can

Today’s the day that Microsoft makes the first public beta version of Windows 7 universally available to anyone who wants it, via download from Microsoft’s website. Windows 7 is the next version of the Windows operating system, successor to Windows Vista, due for release later in 2009. A post yesterday on the Windows Team blog […]