Salute the Olympic spirit

So the London 2012 Olympic Games have come to an end. A spectacular closing ceremony last night – with music, song, dance, awe-inspiring stadium lighting and fireworks that made up the greatest show on earth – brought the past two weeks of competition to an emotional climax. The sight of the Olympic spirit rising as […]

Olympic benefits for corporate reputations

The past two weeks of the London 2012 Olympic Games have certainly been a time of drama, high emotion, success and failure, and a general lifting of the spirits to witness such displays of intense effort and much achievement by athletes from over 100 countries. The positive focus on this wonderful sporting event has just […]

Should you trust Twitter?

So the kerfuffle over Twitter’s suspension of journalist Guy Adams’ account has ended, with the company reinstating it and issuing an apology of sorts. Adams, the Los Angeles-based correspondent for The Independent newspaper, had been posting a series of tweets that were highly-critical of US TV network NBC and its broadcast coverage of the London […]

Let the Games begin

#OpeningCeremony – 9:00pm UK July 27, 2012. Experience it live (or go here if you’re in the US). #London2012 | #Olympics

Humour’s a funny thing

What’s funny to you or I may not be to anyone else. Case in point – SpecSavers‘ press ad in the UK today over the Korean flag mixup at #London2012. I can see the humour certainly. But I wonder how the Koreas might especially with both flags portrayed together like that. Pretty sensitive issues for […]