Klout score takes off with American Airlines

To many people, one of the appealing benefits of a good score on influence ranking services is that you can take advantage of perks – free products, services or experiences offered to you based on how high your rank or score is. Each of the Big Three such services – Klout, Kred and PeerIndex – […]

The reality of influence discrimination

Do people discriminate against you because of your score or rank from an influence measurement service like Klout? A thought-provoking post by Kerry Gorgone writing in Marketing Profs argues that, yes, it happens, and offers some advice to employers and would-be employees: [...] A note to employers: Don’t rely too heavily on any one metric […]

Will Klout ever let you go?

In November 2011, I quit Klout. Totally and completely. Not only did I close the account, but also I cancelled permissions to allow Klout to connect to each of the online social places to which I’d previously given it permission. That included manually removing permissions from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare and others I can’t […]

Influence rank: the shape of recruitment to come

If your job embraces community building and engagement across the social web, does your ranking on an online influence-measurement service like Klout matter? For some companies and recruiters, it certainly does. A case in point – Salesforce.com has a job ad for a community manager where the list of desired skills includes this: Klout score […]

In Defence Of Influence Metrics

Is Klout getting a bum rap, spitefully pilloried in critical commentary such as my post on November 12 on opting out of Klout? Guest author Tammy Kahn Fennell believes that services like Klout and PeerIndex deserve fairer assessment. Let me open with this. I am not invested in any influence score company. My company, MarketMeSuite […]