Easy content-sharing to your Kindle


Some years ago, Amazon made my blog available as a subscription option for Kindle users. It would cost you 99 pence a month; in return, you’d get all my content delivered to your Kindle device (or Kindle app on your PC, smartphone or tablet) as it was published. Amazon’s now introduced something perhaps more interesting […]

The Kindle’s days are numbered


Whenever I’m on the tube in London, one thing I notice is the number of people quietly absorbed in reading a book or other text content on a Kindle as the crowded trains speed their way through the tunnels beneath the city. Amazon’s near-ubiquitous ebook reader has changed the reading habits of millions of people […]

Get your Kindle at Tesco


Amazon have done pretty well in sales of the third-generation Kindle wireless reading device since it was launched in August 2010. And last month, they reported that sales of e-books have now surpassed sales of paperbacks in the US. In the UK, you can buy a wifi or 3G/wifi Kindle directly from Amazon (of course) […]

Subscribe to this blog with your Amazon Kindle

Do you use an Amazon Kindle, the wireless reading device launched in the US by Amazon in November 2007? If you do, I’m pleased to let you know that this blog, NevilleHobson.com, is now available in the Kindle store where you can subscribe and so have all the content with you wherever you use your […]