Hard to ignore the iPhone 4 design flaw

The influential US consumer advocacy magazine Consumer Reports released a report about the new iPhone 4 yesterday with the bottom-line conclusion: “We can’t recommend the iPhone 4.” The magazine, which has more than 7 million subscribers and an annual testing budget of about $21 million, tested the iPhone 4 to see whether reports of poor […]

Art on the go

If you’re an art lover who owns an iPhone or iPod Touch, you will rejoice today as you can visit the Musée du Louvre in Paris right on your device, wherever you happen to be. The museum just launched an iPhone app that offers a glimpse into the rich works of art and other treasures […]

Is your iPhone with OS 3.1 crashing too?

Apple released an updated version 3.1 of the operating system for iPhone two weeks ago which brings some great new functionality. It also brings some not-so-great instability and bugs, it seems, certainly what I’ve experienced a couple of times since that OS upgrade. After my iPhone just totally died for a while this evening, I […]

Share your iPhone app recommendations with Appsfire

One of the great things about iPhone apps is telling everyone about the ones you like as well as discovering what your friends like. Here’s a new service that lets you use email and social media to share your recommendations in a way that’s far more useful and effective than simply talking or tweeting about […]

iPhone security fixed with OS 3.0.1

When I connected my iPhone to my PC earlier this morning, I got a dialog to tell me that a new version of the phone’s operating system was available. Version 3.0.1 of the iPhone OS fixes a security issue concerning text messaging (SMS) that Apple (and everyone else, it seems) saw as critical. Here’s how […]

Easy FT on the iPhone

The Financial Times has joined the growing group of media companies offering an easy means for readers and subscribers to access the newspaper’s online content from wherever they happen to be via a bespoke app for the iPhone. Today the FT launched its new FT mobile app for iPhone (iTunes link) that combines clean and […]

It’s all about the apps, Part 3


I wrote last month that iPhone is all about the apps. It’s not really about the device itself, cool though it is – it’s much more about what you can do with it. I discovered a new one yesterday – Thomson Reuters News Pro, a free app that gives you access to a wealth of […]

Audioboo beyond the iPhone


One of the hottest apps for the iPhone is Audioboo, a free services that lets you record up to five minutes of audio on your iPhone and then publish the recording to the web. It’s audio blogging made easy. I’ve been using it since it launched in March and love it for its simplicity and […]

iPhone really is all about the apps

I said that a few weeks ago: iPhone is all about the apps and I’m more convinced of that than ever. As I was scanning the Wall Street Journal on my iPhone, I got to thinking about some of the other apps I have installed on this mobile device. 54 in total so far (click […]