Instagramming NYFW


A frequent topic over the past year on the FIR podcast that my co-host Shel Holtz and I have pondered and discussed is the rise of visual communication. A key reference point for us was the interview we did in August 2012 with Brian McNely on Instagram as a medium for image-power and his research […]

Instagram ups the game with video


The stakes in the market for quick-video apps on mobile devices were raised a few bars yesterday with the release of a new version of Instagram that enables you to record video clips. Twitter-owned quick-video app Vine captured imaginations when it launched earlier this year for iPhones with the ability it gives to anyone to […]

Are you going to quit Instagram?


[Update Dec 21:] Instagram announced a reversal of its plan to implement changes to the terms of service in regard to advertising – an issue at the heart of the current kerfuffle. Details at the end of this post.] To many people – including me – one of the most exciting apps on your smartphone […]

Ideas for Instagram web profiles


Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app for mobile devices, has finally come to the web. While the app continues to be one you use only on a mobile device – currently iOS or Android devices – to take photos, manipulate them with filters and share them online, at least you’ll now be able to see all […]

FIR Interview: Brian McNely on Instagram as a medium for image-power


Brian J. McNely, an assistant professor in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program at the University of Kentucky, posted a pre-publication draft of a study he conducted on the use of Instagram to build an organization’s “image-power.” The methodology resulted in a classification schema for the kinds of images organizations post – a schema […]

Instagram mainstream at US political conventions


The biggest media events in four years take place this week in the US with the Republican Party convention in Tampa, Florida, followed by the Democratic Party convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, next week. In the year when a new American president will be elected – or the current one continues for a second term […]

Democratizing visual expression


As someone who only recently discovered Instagram when the Android version of the popular iPhone app was released a few months ago, I’m a compulsive snapper at any moment that I can whip out my smartphone. The beauty of Instagram is the amateur-ish treatment of photography with the app’s so-simple methodology of letting (no, encouraging) […]