Think of the new Gmail/Google+ features as part of the identity jigsaw


Last week, Google announced the addition of an interesting new feature to Gmail – the ability for people you know on Google+ to email you even if they don’t have your email address. And vice-versa. I first heard about it through seeing posts and reports galore about “how to disable Google’s new Gmail feature,” clearly […]

Get used to “Ok Google”


Earlier this year, Google announced a new feature for search – conduct a search with your voice in the Chrome browser. To conduct a conversational search, you’d fire up Google Search; if you saw a little microphone symbol in the search box, you could click on it to activate the function, and then speak your […]

Google makes it easier for people to find and amplify trusted content

Sign in with Google

Of two new Google+ features announced yesterday by Google – authorship attribution and embedding posts – the latter caught my imagination straightaway. If you want to embed a post published publicly on Google+, you can now embed that content in your own blog or website by simply adding a few pieces of code. Making it […]

Innovative co-branding (and risk-taking) with Android KitKat


There’s a lot going on in the mobile devices market these days. News about new iPhones from Apple. Much talk about Microsoft buying Nokia’s phone business and speculation about the impact on the smartphone market. The forthcoming release of a new version of Android, the mobile operating system from Google. These are usually topics of […]

Chrome ready for the post-PC era


The map presents a dramatic perspective of the changing fortunes in the desktop browser market.The line graph makes the rise of Google Chrome even clearer over the past five years. I’d say Chrome has a rosy future as the post-PC era develops – I see the mobile Chrome more and more on Android devices. Early […]

The magic of Google


I bought a belt yesterday from Marks and Spencer‘s online store. A pretty routine activity – online shopping is indeed pretty routine these days – where I chose the item, authorized the payment and will see my purchase sometime today. It wasn’t long after that virtual trip to M&S online that I noticed that nearly […]

Google conversational search is a bold leap forward


The first thought that crossed my mind when I tried out Google’s new “conversational search” functionality in the latest version of its desktop Chrome browser was Star Trek. You don’t have to be a huge fan of the sci-fi TV series (and films) to remember the ways in which Captain Kirk (Picard, Janeway, etc) did […]

Where the internet lives


It’s a picture of Google that you wouldn’t possibly imagine when you think of the search engine giant that, increasingly, is directly involved in many other services. Multiple pictures, in fact, that tell a story far more valuable than 1,000 words. Stunning photographs accompany a great report in the Daily Mail that takes a look […]

Universal Google+


If you visit the Google search page today on your desktop or laptop computer, it will likely look like the screenshot you see here. A big blue hand-drawn arrow leads from the Google logo in the centre of your screen to the top-left corner, pointing to the word "+You." That’s Google+ (say it "Google Plus"), […]