Gangnam Style heads towards a billion views

Gangnam Style

840,131,442 views since July. Wonder how soon Gangnam Style will hit a billion views. AdAge reckons Dec 11. Watch the video at YouTube: Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell. If you’ve not really heard of Gangnam Style other than that it’s a music video, here’s a bit […]

The secrets of making viral videos


Outsource the clickers, create outreach programmes for the elderly, stimulate your kids’ clicking smarts with school clicking programmes. Making a viral video used to take a lot of work, says Buyral. “How can people go viraler and viraler?” they ask. And give you the answers. And check out the CL-app (say it quickly) for your […]

#Skyfall: impressions of the latest James Bond adventure


We saw #Skyfall this afternoon at our local Showcase cinema. Very hard to say much about it without being a total spoiler. Five non-spoiler impressions: Daniel Craig is a brilliant Bond, grittier and more credible than before. And he was highly credible before. Javier Bardem, a bad guy so bad he’s… bad! Brilliant new Q, […]

Where the internet lives


It’s a picture of Google that you wouldn’t possibly imagine when you think of the search engine giant that, increasingly, is directly involved in many other services. Multiple pictures, in fact, that tell a story far more valuable than 1,000 words. Stunning photographs accompany a great report in the Daily Mail that takes a look […]

What if Wikipedia was a bit prettier and more usable?


Imaginative, well thought out ideas – they definitely make Wikipedia prettier – which I’m interpreting as meaning far easier to understand the structure and navigate it to the things that interest you. I’d argue that usability would be improved, too (I wonder what Jakob Nielsen would make of it?). Huge kudos to Lithuanian agency New! […]

Humour’s a funny thing


What’s funny to you or I may not be to anyone else. Case in point – SpecSavers‘ press ad in the UK today over the Korean flag mixup at #London2012. I can see the humour certainly. But I wonder how the Koreas might especially with both flags portrayed together like that. Pretty sensitive issues for […]

RIP Blackberry

A great analysis in The New York Times magazine of RIM and brand destruction. This share price chart says it all. Story: Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell.

The 2012 Olympics TV experiences look very good


Whatever else is going on about the London 2012 Olympics – border control  nightmares at Heathrow, cracks in the M4 motorway, cellular network outages, not enough security staff – it looks like mainstream broadcast media have things well under control to offer amazing experiences throughout the games. The BBC already announced details of its blanket […]

Olympic transformation

The London 2012 Olympics are just twenty-five days away. In the UK, the BBC has started building a sense of excitement… Check everything the BBC is planning for this global event. Reshared post from +BBC News The BBC has just released its trail and titles sequence for the Olympic Games. Watch the 60 seconds film […]