Is your Facebook profile enough to prove your ID?


One thing synonymous with air travel is declaring your identity, usually in the form of a passport or citizen ID card, depending on the country and other factors. In some countries, you can manage just fine with a driving license (a de facto ID document in many places), residency permit for foreigners, or a multitude […]

It’s all love and hate with Facebook


The thumbs-down symbol to register dislike of something on Facebook has long been a wish expressed by quite a few people. That wish has come to fruition, sort of – there now is a dislike button but only as an add-on to Facebook Messenger, the social network’s text-chat service. The fact that so many people […]

Do your due diligence before using someone else’s content online


The Financial Times reports on an interesting legal dispute between British luxury fashion house Burberry and the estate of actor Humphrey Bogart that highlights the copyright minefield businesses can be faced with on using images online. Burberry used a still from the final scene of the film Casablanca, showing Bogart in his iconic trenchcoat, in […]

Tuning out the politics on Facebook


Since joining Facebook in April 2007, one thing I like using it for is keeping in touch, sometimes connecting, with many American friends, colleagues and acquaintances. They’re typically a lively crowd, lots of commentary and opinion on topics of mutual interest and discovery. It’s always a pleasure to see who’s saying what. This week, though, […]

Like a Tesco product on Facebook, get loyalty points


BrandRepublic reports that UK retailing giant Tesco has launched a trial promotion that rewards Facebook users with points in its Clubcard customer loyalty programme if they ‘like’ a product in Tesco’s online supermarket, Tesco Direct. [...] Tesco currently has 839,703 likes on Facebook and uses its page to promote promotions such as discounts on goods […]

Facebook could be a standard feature in credit scoring


German news magazine Der Spiegel reports that Germany’s largest credit agency plans to mine Facebook and other social networking sites in search of information that could help the agency determine what effect online relationships may have on people’s abilities to pay their bills. [... The credit agency] SCHUFA also plans to analyze information about people […]

Social media: word of mouth at scale


Among some compelling metrics about Facebook’s contributions to Europe’s economies last year – led by $15.3 billion value and 230,000 jobs – is this description of social media by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg: [...] She argued that we’re living in the midst of a revolution and said that social media has resulted in three key […]

Social trajectories and the ones that matter


This chart showing the share of time spent online by US social networkers is interesting in that Facebook’s usage-growth trajectory is consistent over quite a long period, three years or so. The overall picture suggests that there are only two dominant players that matter – Google and Facebook. AOL looks in terminal decline with Microsoft […]

The ugliness of social media

It’s a concise article in The Guardian but it’s powerful, shining a light on a truly ugly side of human behaviour. The subject is rape and, as the article’s subtitle so aptly puts it, how social media channels like Facebook "provide outlets for the worst kind of misogyny." Who likes rape? Loads of people! And […]