Making the #CIPRSM redundant

One of the great things about a professional association is that it can be a powerful force for change in taking a leading and proactive stand in helping those in the profession – association members or not – understand and more likely embrace the change if that’s a goal. I see that as a great […]

New guide to better understanding social media from the CIPR

Understanding the social media landscape can be trickier than it might seem. In the context of how and where social media fits into traditional marketing and communication activity – what it can deliver, how you benchmark it, how you measure the return on your investment, how to understand and assess the risks of using it […]

Scoble and Israel join up the dots #AoCUK #CIPR

About 100 people gathered in Google’s London campus last night to hear Robert Scoble and Shel Israel talk about concepts, ideas, experiences, trends and realities surrounding some of the themes and topics in their new book, Age of Context, published in September. The widely-anticipated event was organized by the CIPR and sponsored by Precise. Age […]