Just because Apple had to doesn’t mean they want to

Apple has posted a statement on its UK website that is the apology it was ordered to publish by a High Court judge as one result of losing the case in a lawsuit filed by Samsung seeking a legal declaration that its Galaxy Tab tablet design did not infringe an Apple design patent for the […]

Apple, Samsung and pots and kettles

Apple’s lawyers had their day in the US last week in winning the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit over infringement of Apple’s software and design patents regarding the iPhone that saw Samsung ordered to pay Apple a billion dollars in damages. Some say the outcome of this legal dispute has huge implications for Samsung and other […]

FT names Steve Jobs their Man of The Year

Mark Zuckerberg can be Time’s person of the year but here we have the FT’s man of the year – Steve Jobs, the man behind the continuing success of Apple and those so-gorgeous products everyone desires that include iPhone, iPad, Macbook and more. The Financial Times says Jobs is a “Silicon Valley visionary who put […]

Apple’s tablet as the killer e-reader

Ellee Seymour asked me if I’ve tried an e-reader yet, one of those gadgets that you use to read e-books. Something like a Sony Reader, perhaps, or an Amazon Kindle. I told Ellee that I hadn’t yet. I do read a great deal of material on a computer screen, either a laptop or desktop, but […]