Immersive Workshops

Designed to raise awareness and understanding about social media among specific groups of employees through an immersive and interactive approach to the subject matter, half-day and full-day workshops will enable your staff to really see what social media can do for them and your business.

Review this example workshop structure to see what I mean.

Social Media: A Bird’s Eye View

Pre-Event Research and Customization

Key to the success of a workshop will be pre-event preparation that is directly related to your business and particular circumstances, and which will inlcude:

  • Best practice in social media usage by companies in your industry sector
  • Social media usage and effectiveness assessment of your peer group
  • Summary case studies of social media usage and activity in Second Life by large global organizations

Then comes the workshop itself which will include these topic elements:

Seismic Shifts and Business Impacts

  • Disruptive change and shifting trust
  • The social media ecosystem explained
  • The contrast: old world (centralized, formal one-way messaging) and new world (many-to-many, informal communication)
  • Understanding the choices facing businesses: command-and-control or engagement

Social Media Overviews

  • Blogs: engagement and community
  • Which organizations are blogging and why: case studies
  • Emerging platforms: micro-blogging
  • Wikis: the collaborative workplace
  • RSS: time-saving aggregation of news and information
  • Latest technical developments and what this means for communication
  • Podcasting: the influence of voice
  • What some organizations are doing with podcasting – audio and video – and why: case studies
  • YouTube, MySpace, Facebook… how big is the iceberg?

The Business Impact of Social Media: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Social media are about establishing relationships: trust, transparency and authenticity
  • Who do you pay attention to? How to determine the influence level of bloggers
  • The effects of blogs and other social media on corporate reputation (and what can happen if you don’t pay attention)
  • Who should blog? How about the CEO or other senior executive?
  • The role of the communicator in executive blogging
  • Tagging and social bookmarking
  • Microformats and easily connecting content with people
  • Widgets: the user experience on the website or elsewhere

Seismic Shifts Continued: Virtual Communities

  • The virtual landscape today
  • What is Second Life?
  • Organizations participating in Second Life: Why they are and what are the business benefits. Some case studies
  • How close are we to the ’3D Web’? A glimpse into the near future where technology is driving rapid and disruptive change

Top-Level Objectives:

  • Lead participants on a journey through a complex evolving landscape, from websites to weblogs, from the 30-second spot to user-generated video, from real life to virtual worlds… all with the goal of enabling discovery and a desire for experimentation
  • Key focus: Understanding the role social media can play as an integral part of your business strategy – alongside marketing and communication
  • Identify specific areas where a social media strategy can have measurable and disruptive business impact

Expected Outcomes:

  • Raise employees’ awareness levels of the breadth and depth of what social media can do for them
  • Equip employees with specific topic knowledge to enable them to understand how to engage confidently and effectively with staff and customers

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[Updated: June 3, 2007]