Although I have a passion for technology, my business is about communication. It’s about using technology as a means to a communication end – enabling people to connect with and understand each other, and helping organizations realize the measurable benefits from a social approach to communication.

If you’re looking to connect with a communicator who can help you and your business understand how to build and develop genuine relationships with the people you want to connect with – whether those people are customers, employees, shareholders, journalists… anyone else you can think of – then we should talk.

We can talk about -

  • Acquiring an immersive understanding of your business and business objectives as part of developing a strategic approach to social media communication.
  • Helping you understand how to integrate social media into your traditional communication activities.
  • Working with you and your colleagues to help execute an integrated communication plan.
  • Custom-designed awareness-raising and educational workshops, seminars and presentations – getting everyone, whatever their level and role, up to speed about social media and organizational communication.
  • Developing social media guidelines and policies for the workplace.
  • Hands-on proactive “how to” workshops on topics ranging from the tactical – blogging (internal as well as external), for instance, and podcasting – to the strategic: identifying online influencers, influencer outreach, and more.


Immersive Workshops

Designed to raise awareness and understanding about social media among specific groups of employees through an immersive and interactive approach to the subject matter, half-day and full-day workshops will enable your staff to really see what social media can do for them and your business.

Review this example workshop structure to see what I mean.

Such workshops can have additional value when structured as part of larger events in your company, eg, annual strategy meetings for communicators or marketers. This is not a prerequisite, however, as I can work with you to design a workshop that fits whatever your needs and plans comprise.

Have laptop, will travel – I can lead a workshop at any location, anywhere. (A reminder: I’m based in the UK close to Heathrow, and I can travel anywhere.)

Online Seminars

Sometimes, it’s more convenient for employees to log on to the net from wherever they happen to be and participate in a short (one or two hours) online interactive session on specific topics related to specific situations.

So, for instance, a session on the strategic value of blogs in crisis communication planning could give corporate communicators useful insight into the role of social media in that particular situation, and aid them in their communication planning.

One-to-One Coaching

Want to know how to use RSS to make your life oh-so-easy in managing information? Keen to try blogging but you’re put off by the seeming complexity of it? Or perhaps you’d like to try a practice hand at podcasting?

Whatever your need, I can come to your office or home (or hotel if you’re travelling) to help you get a good grip on the online tools that you do need to know about today. Trust me: you do need to know.


From concepts to final audio production, I can help you produce your business podcast. Whether for a special event or the start of an ongoing series, I can work with you on scripting, recording and production. MP3 file hosting, too, if you need that.

I have earned some credentials with podcasting:

  • Co-host of the For Immediate Release series of business podcasts, on the air (so to speak) since January 2005 with nearly 700 regular episodes, interviews and reviews. The anchor podcast is the Hobson and Holtz Report published weekly on Mondays.
  • Contributing author to How to Do Everything with Podcasting, the book from McGraw-Hill published in June 2007.
  • Co-producer and -interviewer of the IABC Cafe2Go monthly podcast, and ConferenceCast, the official podcast for the IABC international conferences, 2006-2007.
  • Business podcasts I’ve produced for clients that I can talk about – for Speedo (2006) and for (2007 – 2009).
  • Presenter of the WCG ThoughtLeaders podcast, which I started in October 2009, until early 2011.

For any of these services, let me know your requirements and we’ll work together to create the right programme for you and your business.If you’re not sure what you need, let’s talk.

If your business needs extend into the more scalable areas of public relations account management, then I can introduce you to trusted colleagues in the UK or USA.

The About page in this blog and my profile will tell you more about my background and experience. And you can Google me to find out what others have to say. Once you’ve done that, let’s have a conversation.

  • See also Resources – articles, papers, presentations, etc, including downloads.

[Updated:October 30, 2011]