Igloo Software joins FIR as our latest sponsor


Please join us in welcoming Igloo Software as the latest FIR Podcast Network sponsor. Igloo, which offers a web-based platform for collaborating at work, will join Ragan Communications and CustomScoop as sponsors of The Hobson and Holtz … [Continue reading]

Twitter eight years on


Today marks the eighth anniversary of Twitter, the communication platform that is globally ubiquitous today, the eleventh most-visited website in the world. From co-founder Jack Dorsey's first tweet on this day, March 21, in 2006, the number of … [Continue reading]

The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #747: March 17, 2014


Quick News: The top 10 companies in the US doing the most to make their employees happier, Wikipedia considering change to paid-advocate rules, why every employee should be building weak ties at work, pushing back on Arik Hanson's Digg preference … [Continue reading]

Redefining today’s communicator in Norway


When I look at the landscape of the communication profession around Europe, I see similar issues that concern communicators, most notably how strategic are communicators (and the profession itself), abiding by codes of conduct and practicing ethical … [Continue reading]

Changing the game with native advertising


Does "native advertising" bother you? When I was first asked that question, my response was the inevitable "It depends..." And that primarily means: It depends on how open and transparent the advertiser and the publisher are about the native … [Continue reading]

The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #746: March 10, 2014


Intro: Dan and Neville got together in London on Friday night for a chat, recorded and posted as an FIR Interview; Quick News: Omnicom buys into Instagram paid ad program for $100 million, Greenpeace accuses P&G of organgutan-habitat … [Continue reading]

FIR Interview: Dan York and Neville Hobson in London, March 7, 2014


FIR correspondent Dan York spent the past week in London at IETF 89, the conference of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), in his capacity as senior content strategist at the Internet Society. The IETF is a large open international … [Continue reading]

Getty Images ups its game in the collaborative economy


A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes. For anyone publishing content online, an image is becoming ever more valuable as an inclusive element in story-telling that can enrich your story and help it get attention. Did the picture you … [Continue reading]

FIR Interview: Eric Sauve, co-founder and CEO, Foko (think of it as Instagram for the enterprise)


Anything that takes root on the web eventually finds its way into the enterprise. Social visual communication has exploded in the last few years with the success of Instagram, Pinterest and other tools, along with the surge in photo sharing via … [Continue reading]