Windows 10 shows the scale of Microsoft’s ambition


On July 29 - in just over two weeks' time - Microsoft will begin the formal roll-out of Windows 10, the new edition of the Windows operating system for PCs and tablets (and Windows phones). It's been the subject of a comprehensive beta-testing … [Continue reading]

Idle thumbs: Why commuters are the best audience


A guest post by Simon Bailey, CEO of Axonix, an advertising technology company backed by Telefonica and Blackstone. Any marketer worth their salt knows all customers were not made equal, and that's particularly true of commuters, where getting the … [Continue reading]

IBM delivers the experience at Wimbledon 2015

Henman Hill

The picture above is of a landmark that's well known by fans of the Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament that is taking place in London right now. It's Henman Hill, the grassy mound smack in the middle of the Wimbledon venue, nicknamed thus … [Continue reading]

7/7 perspective 10 years on


Today marks the tenth anniversary of the July 7 terrorist bombings in London in 2005, known as 7/7. On the morning of Thursday, 7 July 2005, four Islamist men detonated four bombs - three in quick succession aboard London Underground trains across … [Continue reading]