I’m based in Wokingham, England. That’s the GMT time zone in the winter and GMT +1 or BST in the summer.


If you’d like to get in touch I’d welcome hearing from you via any of the communication methods listed here. You can also find me in a large number of places online, from social networks to audio sharing sites. My Google+ Profile has links to all the places I’m at.

1. Phone

My number is +44 7577 997 222 (in the UK: 07577 997222). Good for voice calls and SMS, and the place where I am most easily reachable as the phone tends to be with me wherever in the world I happen to be.

If you use Skype, just click on the icon below to start a phone call. If I’m not online, you can still send a voicemail.

Skype Me!

2. Twitter

This is the place online you’ll find the easiest to get hold of me. I always see Twitter direct messages (DMs) and “@” replies. We’ll need to be following each other first, though, if you want to send me a DM: I’m @jangles on Twitter.

3. Email

It’s usual to expect an email form on someone’s contact page through which you can get in touch, and I do have a number of those. But do please note the numbered order in which I list the various ways you can get in touch with me: there’s a clue to my preferences, and the likelihood of success in our connecting if you take note of that order.

Except for trusted friends, colleagues and clients, my email inboxes are always disaster zones, so email is not the most effective form of communication from both our points of view – yours as you wonder why it’s taking so long to get a reply; mine as I may not even have seen your email.

But if you do prefer to write, the simplest way is to send me your message via this contact form:

Or you can just write an email in the traditional way if you wish, using your own email program. Here’s where to send it: