• Events – Links to conferences and other public events I am participating in – either speaking or simply being there – during 2008. (Archives: 2007, 2006)
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  • Technorati Favorites – my (long) list of and links to some favourite blogs and other places on the net.


This page used to contain a blogroll, a list of links to blogs and other websites that I might visit or otherwise read content, and which I felt visitors here might also find useful.

I think blogrolls have little real value so, in January 2008, I removed the blogroll.

What will come here in its place will be an up-to-date list of RSS feed links – some of the blogs and other websites that I subscribe to. I think you’ll find that far more useful. [Updated Apr 6, 2008] Below is the output of an OPML file which contains links to Favourites – RSS feeds that I read daily.

You can download the OPML file if you wish.