Live blogging comes to WordPress

[UPDATE: Venturebeat reports that a serious bug exists in this plugin. It seems that the developers created the plugin and tested it on a pre-release version of the next version of the WordPress software. My recommendation: don't use the plugin until you have installed an updated version that has been verified that it corrects the […]

Giving you a choice about cookies


A year ago a law – known as Directive 2009/136/EC – came into effect throughout the European Union on the use of cookies on websites, requiring a website owner to seek visitors’ consent to cookies being saved to their computers when they visit a website (more on cookies). Implementing the law in the UK was […]

Share on Pinterest if you have the right


One online property that’s been getting huge attention over the past few weeks is Pinterest, the join-by-invitation content-sharing and social networking service. Not only huge attention but also huge take-up by its users – TechCrunch reported earlier this month with data from comScore showing Pinterest reached 11.7 million unique monthly US visitors, crossing the 10 […]

How to protect your blog from viruses, backdoor Trojans and other nasty stuff


If you’ve ever been hit with a virus on your computer, you know how difficult it can be to thoroughly clean the machine, even when you have security software that does all the heavy work. Take that picture and apply it to your blog and you have a migraine-inducing situation, precisely what I’ve experienced during […]

FeedDemon 4: definitely worth $20


The developer of one of the most useful programs I have installed on my computers just issued a major update, which I’ve gladly installed. The program is FeedDemon and version 4 has just been released. I’ve been using FeedDemon since 2004 – about the time I really discovered the value of RSS – and consider […]

Compelling reasons to mobilize your website


A few weeks ago, I installed a new WordPress plugin on this site that would enable visitors on mobile devices to find their experience here worthwhile and make it more likely they would stick around on their visit, perhaps engage  by leaving a comment, and maybe even return again. The plugin is the WordPress Mobile […]

What is community worth to you?


I’ve been watching with interest, and some dismay, as a real kerfuffle has broken out in the WordPress community over the past few days surrounding the matter of copyright. At issue is interpretation of the GNU Public License (GPL), the "copyleft" license under whose terms WordPress software is released, how developers of premium themes offer […]

Ted – the ultimate forum for blue-sky thinking

The content previously published here has been withdrawn. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Much new behind WordPress 3


Version 3.0 of WordPress, the open-source content management system and blog platform, was released a few days ago. I upgraded this blog yesterday to the latest version, a process that was seamless, painless and very quick thanks to my 6-point upgrade plan that I’ve followed with every upgrade in recent years. The most immediate visible […]