Bloggade 2013: the nuts and bolts of blogging and WordPress


Have you ever wondered what goes on at a data centre, perhaps one that hosts your website or blog? If that’s a question you’ve asked before, then here’s your chance to get the answer. A tour of a state-of-the-art UK data centre in Newark is a central part of an event taking place on August […]

WebHostingBuzz: A hosting partner worth getting to know


For the past 18 months, WebHostingBuzz has hosted this blog and my other websites on a dedicated server physically located in one of its US datacentres. A dedicated server is a server that is exclusive to one user: it’s not shared with anyone else. So I enjoy the benefits of high performance, security, stability and […]

How to secure your WordPress site against hacker attacks


One of the easiest content management systems to set up and use is WordPress, the largest self-hosted blogging platform in the world, powering more than 60 million websites worldwide. That fact may be a key reason why WordPress is in the news right now as the subject of a large-scale attack from a huge number […]

Make your website actually work


When was the last time you checked your website to ensure that it’s effectively supporting your business goals? In this age of social communication that’s rapidly evolving as tools and channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vine become part of the mainstream experience for millions of consumers, is your digital presence up to scratch? The […]

Creating a Solid Foundation for Online Customer Engagement


I often get asked how to get started with social media. What is the best way, the best place, to talk to customers? How do you do that? Just start tweeting or posting to Facebook or LinkedIn? These are natural questions, yet they shouldn’t be the first ones to come to mind, even if they […]

Sponsor profile: Web Hosting Buzz


Since the beginning of 2012, has been sponsored by WebHostingBuzz. The arrangement I made with its UK-based CEO Matt Russell – his company hosts my web presence at no financial cost to me; in return, I talk about them now and again – means that all the content served to you from this website […]

The pros and cons of dedicated WordPress hosting

Hosted by WebHostingBuzz

Some web hosting companies specialize in delivering services dedicated to very specific types of software. WordPress is one example of popular open source software that a hosting company may feature. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this type of hosting. Some of the advantages include: Expertise in the software you want to use. The […]

Website backups: 4 ways to protect your investment


Your website is the culmination of many years hard work and toil. You’ve invested time and money in building and promoting your site. And the site is your store front on the internet. But imagine if, overnight or almost instantaneously, all of this goes to waste and your website data is lost? Unfortunately I see […]

Liking WebHostingBuzz, and deals


Just over a month ago, I started a relationship with a new web hosting service, WebHostingBuzz. The words you’re reading now are served up to your screen from a database in the cloud (well, from a dedicated Dell server physically located in a data center somewhere in the US). As I noted in my first […]