Guidelines for using avatars in business

Do you ever pause and think about the avatar you use online as the visual representation of you: your persona or alter ego? What it says to others about you and the organization you work for or represent? Avatars are creeping into business environments and will have far reaching implications for enterprises, from policy to […]

Watching the Watchmen

I’m watching with great interest some of the social media communication Dan Light is involved with as part of the marketing for Watchmen, a movie about American superheroes based on a DC Comics series, due out in the UK on March 6. Directed by Zack Snyder – who directed 300, adapted from a classic Frank […]

Workplace collaboration on the 3D web

A news item Shel and I discussed in FIR #390 yesterday was a report in the Wall Street Journal’s Technology Blog about a partnership Linden Lab, the developer of Second Life, is announcing this week with Rivers Run Red, a developer of content, applications and tools for virtual worlds like Second Life: […] [Rivers Run […]

Second Life support for Windows Vista

Does Second Life now officially support Windows Vista? According to the Second Life wiki, the answer is no. The wiki page in question, last updated on October 2, still says Vista is not supported: [...] Officially at this time (2007-08-27), not yet [...] Second Life actually works fine running on Vista. That’s my experience, and […]