Tweet catches on in the OED


The Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the premier British dictionary of the English language – or, as its tag line states, “the definitive record of the English language” – adds new words from time to time, as well as evolved meanings to current words, that reflect contemporary usage. They have strict rules on such additions such […]

Number 10 hands out Twitter exclusives to favoured journalists


A discussion topic in episode 701 of the FIR podcast, published today, looks at a question asked in the Metro newspaper last week: should British politicians take notes from Barack Obama’s campaign team? The Metro’s excellent report looked at the key role social media played  – especially Twitter – in both of the US president’s […]

Tips and tricks that make Twitter useful to your business


If you’re new to considering Twitter as a communication tool for business purposes – or even if you’re pretty experienced with it – it will be worthwhile taking a look at the re-launched Twitter for Business website. The content in and focus of this update – with a new look and structure – is very […]

The habits of UK mobile Twitter users


I use Twitter a great deal on a mobile device, not only when out and about but also in pastime situations such as tweeting comments about a movie or TV show I’m watching, or commenting about a brand in a TV ad. That’s the so-called second screen behaviour and experience in action. It’s increasingly common […]

350 million tweets a day and more Twitter superlatives


As a communication channel, Twitter is very much part of the mainstream. Indeed, it’s hard to go anywhere on the social web – whether to a story on a news website, an individual blog, a company’s news centre – without encountering a method by which you can easily share and amplify online what you find […]

Taking the competitive PR pitch to Twitter


If you’re in the PR agency business, undoubtedly you’ve participated in a good share of pitches for new business or even to retain existing business. Many people see it as an imperfect process, often marred by the high cost of pitching, perceived and real, the huge amount of time involved, and some stupid practices. Here’s […]

Tips for getting started with Twitter


Getting started with Twitter is as easy as going to and signing up for a free account. Of course, there’s a great deal to it from that point onwards as you try and figure out how and where to start. Write a tweet? Read what others tweet? Follow people? What are your first steps? […]

The Twitter channel for government announcements


This morning, the British government announced the appointment of the next Archbishop of Canterbury. I’ve linked to the announcement, above. It will bring you the tweet you see in the screenshot. Yes, a tweet is the government announcement. According to the BBC report on the appointment: [...] Prime Minister David Cameron made the announcement via […]

Tweets in the sky at the Ryder Cup


Golf fans had a gripping experience with the Ryder Cup competition in Chicago this past weekend, with a nail-biting finale that saw the Europeans pip the Americans to the post at the last minute to win the tournament. SiliconRepublic reports on an imaginative stunt by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power who broadcast fans’ tweets over the […]