A cure for hotel wifi frustrations with Connectify


One of the biggest frustrations when you’re travelling is the less than compelling experiences that are typical with internet connectivity in hotels and conference venues – high cost, difficulty and/or extra costs to connect more than one device (laptop plus mobile phone, for instance), restrictive connection type (such as cable only: no use if you […]

The value of free internet


One of the feaures of travel these days is the (usually-met) expectation of high internet charges in your hotel. It’s common in Europe, for instance, for hotels to charge eye-watering rates to let you get online: charges of £20 or equivalent per day aren’t unusual. Some hotels include internet costs in their room rates, treating […]

Virgin Atlantic’s got it


I saw this TV ad for Virgin Atlantic for the first time last night. The airline first used it in 2010. As you can probably tell, I don’t watch a lot of TV. It captured my imagination. Beautifully made. And it ticks a lot of “connection boxes.” Attractive people, terrific sound track – “I’m Feeling […]

Will iPads lead to better customer service?


British Airways “revolutionises customer service using iPads,” says a BA press release on August 17 about a service trial that got quite a bit of attention this week. The airline says it’s trialling iPads with 100 cabin crew to enable them to improve the service they give to passengers by, for instance, quickly identifying where […]

FIR Cut: Travel and Twitter


Overflow from FIR #580 on January 3, 2010. SocialTimes: Airlines & Politicians: Wintry Weather Creates A New Use For Social Media Twitter mashup: #uksnow Map The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation: @eurocontrol Download this podcast (MP3, 4.16Mb; length 10:19) If you want to automatically receive FIR Cuts as they’re published, subscribe to […]

Chaos theory


All this weekend, I’ve been experiencing an increasing sense of disbelief when watching TV news reports of the utter chaos in the UK transportation network as a consequence of the severe weather conditions the country has been enduring. Last night, Heathrow airport saw hundreds of stranded passengers spending their second night in the airport terminals […]

UK snow woes


The hot news in the UK at the moment is about the cold weather. Much of the country – notably Scotland and northeast England – has been gripped in bitter cold and blankets of snow for much of the past week. The news headlines bring citizens’ frustrations and exasperation (or is it mainly the media’s […]

Navigating sat navs, settled for a Navman

One mobile device that ought to be added to any list of gadgets that epitomizes the Naughties (and there are lots of lists) is the portable satellite navigation device, or sat nav for short. I first used a portable sat nav in 2005 with a rental car in Amsterdam, then bought my own in 2007 […]

It it weren’t a serious matter, it would be a farce

Winter certainly did arrive in many parts of the UK overnight on Thursday with thick snow blanketing much of the eastern and southern parts of England. Friday December the 18th was a day of complete chaos on the roads, on the trains and in the air with motorways impassable – I have first-hand experience of […]