QR codes at heart of lost-and-found service Belon.gs

A topic I’ve written about frequently here is QR codes, those square, random-looking black-and-white images that are meaningless to the eye but content-rich to a cameraphone and some barcode-scanning software. These little barcodes are popping up everywhere these days, and how they’re being used by marketers attracts praise and derision in almost equal measure. Given […]

QR codes at the heart of Monmouthpedia

An interesting experiment gets its official launch this weekend when Monmouthpedia formally kicks off today. The Welsh town of Monmouth is the focus of this Wikipedia project that aims to create physical connections between places throughout the town, and events in its history, with respective content on Wikipedia. According to the description on Wikipedia: [...] […]

Inside the connected car

Very interesting assessment of in-car technology with some quotable predictions from Intel, eg: By next year the car will be the third most-connected place in which people spend time. By 2016, how connected a car is will be a critical buying decision. In the future, if car ownership declines but increased use is still needed, […]

Free hotel wifi: Light at the end of the tunnel?

The subject of internet connectivity in hotels has received quite a bit of attention during the past few weeks. I posted about my experiences with hotel internet connectivity while in Las Vegas and in Amsterdam recently, highlighting a nice way to balance the negative side of this – in my recounted experiences, one offering free […]

A cure for hotel wifi frustrations with Connectify

One of the biggest frustrations when you’re travelling is the less than compelling experiences that are typical with internet connectivity in hotels and conference venues – high cost, difficulty and/or extra costs to connect more than one device (laptop plus mobile phone, for instance), restrictive connection type (such as cable only: no use if you […]