Let the Games begin

#OpeningCeremony – 9:00pm UK July 27, 2012. Experience it live (or go here if you’re in the US). #London2012 | #Olympics

The people and social media challenges at the 2012 Olympic Games


Reuters reports that Anthony Edgar, head of media operations for the International Olympic Committee (IOC), freely admits that he does not know what to expect at the London Olympic Games following the explosion of social media, with some 900 million people using Facebook in 2012 compared to the 100 million who used the site just […]

The 2012 Olympics TV experiences look very good


Whatever else is going on about the London 2012 Olympics – border control  nightmares at Heathrow, cracks in the M4 motorway, cellular network outages, not enough security staff – it looks like mainstream broadcast media have things well under control to offer amazing experiences throughout the games. The BBC already announced details of its blanket […]

Olympic transformation

The London 2012 Olympics are just twenty-five days away. In the UK, the BBC has started building a sense of excitement… Check everything the BBC is planning for this global event. Reshared post from +BBC News The BBC has just released its trail and titles sequence for the Olympic Games. Watch the 60 seconds film […]

Universal reputation


I’m hooked watching The Voice UK, the reality talent show with a difference that the BBC started broadcasting in primetime on Saturday nights a few weeks ago. I’m not a fan of talent, reality or any other such TV show. I’ve never seen a complete episode of Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, Celebrity Whatever, […]

The whirlwind of Social Media Week London


Social Media Week took place last week in more than a dozen cities around the world including London. It’s only a few days since events concluded so I’ve yet to see any in-depth analysis of how it all went on a global perspective: how many people participated, what the key topics and trends were in […]

YouTube: the global TV channel


I caught a few minutes of President Obama’s Google+ Hangout last night as it was streamed on YouTube. If you’ve done a Google+ Hangout video chat before, you’ll be familiar with the format and this was no different. Except, of course, it was the President of the United States plus five lucky citizens chosen by […]

The 2012 Olympics: tech on a huge scale


When you’re sitting in front of your widescreen HD television in July 2012 to enjoy two weeks of the 2012 Olympic Games, spare a thought for the huge technology infrastructure that will enable you to get images and sound as well as up-to-the-minute instant results, rankings and other metrics about each and every event, the […]

The Royal Wedding broadcast live on YouTube


The global media event that will be the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (aka The Royal Wedding) on April 29 will also be a global internet event as the ceremony will be broadcast live on YouTube. According to Google: [...] we’re thrilled that the Royal Household has just announced that footage of the […]