Think of the new Gmail/Google+ features as part of the identity jigsaw


Last week, Google announced the addition of an interesting new feature to Gmail – the ability for people you know on Google+ to email you even if they don’t have your email address. And vice-versa. I first heard about it through seeing posts and reports galore about “how to disable Google’s new Gmail feature,” clearly […]

Dropbox outage shows the fragility of the cloud


Cloud storage and file-hosting service Dropbox suffered a severe service outage this week that began on Friday night and, as I write these words on Saturday evening UK time, is still continuing. If you go to the Dropbox website, you’ll probably get only a screen with the headline ‘Error (500).’ That signifies some kind of […]

Is a (search) picture worth a thousand words?


I’ve been having some fun this morning with Jelly. Jelly is a new mobile search service announced yesterday that works via apps for Android and iOS. The company was co-founded by Biz Stone, one of the original founders of Twitter. So what is Jelly? In a nutshell, it’s an app you use to ask a […]

Is your Facebook profile enough to prove your ID?


One thing synonymous with air travel is declaring your identity, usually in the form of a passport or citizen ID card, depending on the country and other factors. In some countries, you can manage just fine with a driving license (a de facto ID document in many places), residency permit for foreigners, or a multitude […]

The dawn of 2014


For some people (probably many people), early morning on January 1 in any year is characterized by the plink-plink-fizz sequence of two Alka-Seltzer tablets dropping into a glass of water. A few gulps and, a bit later, relief! These days, my experiences of New Year’s Day are a little on the milder side where Alka-Seltzer […]

Introducing "FIR On Technology With Dan York"


The FIR Podcast Network is pleased to announce a new podcast on technology that will begin on December 31, 2013. Presenter Dan York explains… How can communicators best use new tools such as, say, Google+ Hangouts On Air to tell their stories in new ways or to reach new audiences? Are there tips and tricks […]

The role of the C-suite in social media marketing


Content marketing is a topic I’ve talked about quite a bit recently, in particular relating to the consequences of not having a clear strategy and the measurable benefits that can arise when you do. So I was delighted when Glenn Gaudet, founder and president of GaggleAMP, invited me on to the latest episode of AMP […]

Images in email: Are you now safe from the hidden tracking pixel?

How do you deal with images in the email that you receive? If you’re like me and most people I know, the default setting in your email software is not to show images from all and sundry, only from those senders who you trust and who you’ve added to a whitelist where you’ve chosen to […]

The thrill and heartache of BlackBerry: employee perspectives


Whether Canadian mobile technology company BlackBerry has a viable future or not is still a big unknown. The company fell from grace during this year as sales of its smartphones plummeted in the face of competition from Apple and Android devices, plus a collapse in confidence in the company,  in the brand and in its […]