Broadcasting the wow factor


TV chat shows can be great platforms to introduce a new product, create interest in going to the cinema and see a hot movie, or any manner of things celebrity guests talk about and likely to attract a big audience. In today’s sharing society, you also want to extend the reach of a topic and […]

Too much FUD and too little facts about fracking


If there’s one major issue of significant public interest today that’s shrouded in fear, uncertainty and doubt, it’s fracking. If you believe the supporters of this mining process to extract natural gas and petroleum deposits from shale rock – formally known as “hydraulic fracturing” – it could be the salvation of our energy needs for […]

Tuning in to Hurricane Sandy


The ability for people to be connected via the internet is no more valuable when it comes to crises and disasters of one type or another, natural or otherwise. Hurricane Sandy – the super #Frankenstorm on track to hit the US East Coast today – is a perfect example. The latest advisory from the US […]

Finally a way to understand what ‘the semantic web’ means

If you’ve tried to understand what the semantic web means – sometimes referred to as Web 3.0 – and haven’t got very far, this video will help. The documentary-style video – surely as good as anything you might see on TV – created by journalism/psychology graduate Kate Ray includes insights from some big names in […]

The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #315: January 31, 2008

Content summary: Shel’s travelling; FIR Listener Contest winners to be announced on Feb 6; new FIR Interview posted; FIR live on BlogTalk Radio Feb 9; Dan York reports on podcasting gear, Facebook, and more; the Media Monitoring Minute with CustomScoop; in conversation with Dave Briggs about BarcampUKGovWeb, and more; Subway/Quiznos lawsuit; Ryanair’s hottie ad: a […]

A scientific approach to blog ranking


If you had to pick just 100 blogs that would provide you with all the content you need to stay informed on everything that interests you, which 100 would you pick? And by which criteria would you determine that 100? Some clever researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University in the USA have done the work […]

Experiencing the eclipse

Did you watch the lunar eclipse last night? Perhaps ‘watch’ isn’t the right word, unless you did spend a couple of hours just staring at the sky. It was quite something to experience seeing the moon gradually change from a bright white orb to something that looked a bit like a coppery-coloured 5-watt lightbulb, and […]