The Google Reader shutdown: Last chance to move on


If you use Google Reader, you’ll know by now that Google is shutting the service down on July 1. That’s tomorrow. Since its launch in October 2005, Google Reader became a popular choice for many as the preferred method of subscribing to, reading and sharing information via RSS from blogs and websites. I’ve had a […]

The demise of two RSS readers marks the passing of an era


Yesterday, Google announced the sunsetting of eight products and services in a move they described as a second spring of cleaning. The one that is making headlines across the social web is Google Reader, the browser-based tool that aggregates and lets you read and share content from your RSS feeds. On the Google Reader Blog, […]

Moving on from Feedburner to Feedblitz


After seven years, it’s time to say goodbye to Feedburner and say hello to Feedblitz. A week ago, I wrote about my worries that RSS feeds delivered via Feedburner might not work after October 20, after a note on the Google Developers’ Feedburner website said that the Feedburner APIs would shut down on that date. […]

Prepare for goodbye Feedburner in October 2012


[Update September 15: Moving on from Feedburner to Feedblitz. I decided to move away from Feedburner. The post you're reading, and it's update at the end, tries to throw some light on a murky picture, with limited success. I've made my decision to go to Feedblitz, explained in the new post.] Did you know that […]

How to hack an RSS feed from a Twitter hashtag


If you moderate or participate in tweet chats, you know how frantic they can be. In a lively discussion, you can get a constant firehose of tweets pouring at you over the course of the chat, often an hour or so. Capturing the full flood of Twitter chat is no easy task. There are workarounds […]

FeedDemon 4: definitely worth $20


The developer of one of the most useful programs I have installed on my computers just issued a major update, which I’ve gladly installed. The program is FeedDemon and version 4 has just been released. I’ve been using FeedDemon since 2004 – about the time I really discovered the value of RSS – and consider […]

Five stories for the holiday weekend


Ever since I started blogging back in 2002, I have always found RSS to be one of the most useful tech tools ever invented. RSS enables me, you, anyone, to automatically receive new or updated content from anywhere on the web, right on your desktop, laptop or mobile device without having to lift a finger […]

Five stories for Friday


Content that arrived in my RSS reader this morning presents many interesting things that are going on in business, communication and technology. And so little time to comment on them today other than in passing. While I share links to content I find interesting in my Google Reader account (aka my link blog which you […]

Stories for starting the weekend


When I’m desk bound early in the mornings, my habit is tea with RSS. Today is no exception, and a quiet perusal through my 100 or so subscriptions in FeedDemon produced quite a few gems, all of which I share in my link blog. Here’s a dozen of the best for starting the weekend: Google’s […]