Don’t ignore social voices, Knight Frank #LostMyGiggle


It’s always very interesting seeing how the mixture of empowered social communication, Twitter and a hashtag can totally disrupt traditional communication and command and control behaviours. We’ve seen this during the past week in two specific examples – the negative hashtag hijacking experience for British Gas (#AskBG), and the positive organization/consumer enlightenment experience for the […]

Filters and trust


As we get exposed to more and more information online, two elements assume great importance – filtering in the things we want to see; and verifying those things so we trust our filtered-in information along with the purveyors of it. The former is easier done than the latter: there are apps, algorithms and all manner […]

The changes that did for BlackBerry


Summarizing the tale of the rise and fall of mobile device and services maker BlackBerry as “changing too little and changing far too late” is probably as good as any way of succinctly capturing the sense of the huge fall from grace of Canada’s biggest technology company, originally known as Research in Motion or RIM. […]

A simple solution for EDF Energy’s marketing problem


So EDF Energy has told its customers it can only recommend lower cost gas and electricity tariffs on annual bills if they “opt in” to receive advertising material. Reading the report in today’s Telegraph, I was pretty sure that EDF Energy’s intention surely couldn’t be a cop-out to telling customers about better energy deals. That […]

Twitter takes control of its story as it prepares for an IPO


The days when you heard about a company’s plans for a stock market flotation via a newspaper report or a TV or radio news item are now so much part of our nostalgic reflecting on simpler, slower times with the announcement by Twitter late yesterday on its plans for such an event. The announcement was […]

Google makes it easier for people to find and amplify trusted content

Sign in with Google

Of two new Google+ features announced yesterday by Google – authorship attribution and embedding posts – the latter caught my imagination straightaway. If you want to embed a post published publicly on Google+, you can now embed that content in your own blog or website by simply adding a few pieces of code. Making it […]

Innovative co-branding (and risk-taking) with Android KitKat


There’s a lot going on in the mobile devices market these days. News about new iPhones from Apple. Much talk about Microsoft buying Nokia’s phone business and speculation about the impact on the smartphone market. The forthcoming release of a new version of Android, the mobile operating system from Google. These are usually topics of […]

Goodbye IABC and good luck


Last week, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) held its international conference in New York. By all accounts I’ve read, some 1,400 members went and took part. I’ve heard, too, that the professional development, networking and social events over the three days of the conference were as compelling and enjoyable as they ever have […]

Broken trust and unfulfilled brand promises in Meaningful Brands study


The just-published 2013 Meaningful Brands study from French marketing and communications group Havas contains useful metrics and insights for business leaders, marketers and communicators, along with big uncomfortable realities about what consumers think about brands. This worldwide study into the connections between people and brands at a business level measures the benefits brands bring to […]