Podcasting in the long tail

Far from changing the radio landscape, podcasting has been commandeered by the radio industry, says Richard MacManus in his post Radio Killed the Podcasting Star. As a podcaster myself, I’d say MacManus has written a fair assessment of a podcasting landscape that is indeed dominated by the mainstream media rather than by the independent voices […]

The 2012 Olympics TV experiences look very good

Whatever else is going on about the London 2012 Olympics – border control  nightmares at Heathrow, cracks in the M4 motorway, cellular network outages, not enough security staff – it looks like mainstream broadcast media have things well under control to offer amazing experiences throughout the games. The BBC already announced details of its blanket […]

Stream (and buy) music while you do the grocery shopping

If you do your grocery shopping in Tesco, you may already know that you can stay connected in the depths of the typical supermarket where no network signal usually reaches, thanks to Tesco’s own wifi network in most stores. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy your weekly shopping by listening to streaming music to your […]

Product placement comes to UK TV and radio

Broadcast industry regulator Ofcom confirmed this week that product placement – paid-for references for products and services – will be allowed in UK TV programmes for the first time from next February. […] Ofcom has today [December 20] published the rules governing product placement, including what can and can’t be shown on TV screens. We […]

First UK use of Twitter on live TV?

Did the first use of Twitter on live TV in the UK happen this morning? These tweets by ITV presenter Phillip Schofield certainly suggest so: I did tune in to “This Morning” for a few minutes after catching the first tweet. I didn’t see the actual moment of tweeting, though. Schofield’s show is not one […]