FIR Speakers and Speeches: Marilyn Cox on Right Information at the Right Time


The Content Marketing Strategies Conference took place in Berkeley, California, on May 8th and 9th, 2013. This is the third conference of this name organized by Bill Flitter, CEO of In a case study presentation, Marilyn Cox, Director of Marketing Communications at Cincom Systems, described her journey into content marketing, her use of marketing […]

FIR Speakers and Speeches: Livia Giulia Zuppardo on Google+ at #b2bhuddle


Many companies use social networks in their B2B marketing. According to Google, the advent of Google+ broadens the horizons for businesses by adding a social layer across all Google’s services that adds identity, relationships, and sharing to the mix. In her keynote presentation at The B2B Huddle on May 2, 2013, held at Oracle’s UK […]

FIR Speakers and Speeches: Doug Kessler on The Future of B2B Content Marketing at #b2bhuddle


When something as big as content marketing comes along and transforms an entire discipline, it creates a lot of anxiety. Change is scary and it can sometimes feel like you’re hopelessly behind everyone else. At The B2B Huddle on May 2, 2013, held at Oracle’s UK headquarters, keynote speaker Doug Kessler shone a powerful spotlight […]

FIR Interview: Allan Schoenberg on Social Media and CME Group at #b2bhuddle


With social media so prolific, are B2B companies taking advantage of all that exists? That question formed a foundation for the keynote presentation by Allan Schoenberg, Executive Director of Corporate Communications for CME Group, at The B2B Huddle on May 2, 2013, held at Oracle’s UK headquarters in Reading. During a break at the event […]

FIR Speakers and Speeches: Kimberley Brind, Oracle, on Social Media and Marketing ROI at #b2bhuddle


For social to become recognised by business as the next marketing powerhouse that it is, it needs to prove its return on investment every time, says Oracle’s Kimberley Brind. In this podcast of her keynote speech at The B2B Huddle on May 2, 2013, held at Oracle’s UK headquarters, Kimberley explains the reach and power […]

Underpinning how social you want your PR


It was great to see tweets like this one from Lisa Pool as we concluded “How social do you want your PR?” at the headquarters of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in London on January 24. The title of the evening meeting – one in the CIPR’s Social Summer series of conversation and […]

Experiencing the FT’s #FTDLW12


I’m spending the day today at the Financial Times headquarters in London, taking part in an employee-focused learning experience that, until I arrived here early this morning, I hadn’t appreciated the full scale of what they’re endeavouring to achieve. The FT’s Digital Learning Week 2012 is a three-day event for employees, comprising presentations, panel discussions, […]

Exploring the intersection


Over the next four weeks or so, I have the good fortune to be involved with some great people and organizations in discussing a wide range of topics related to that intersection of business, communication and technology that is so important to every enterprise. If you would like to be part of some great conversations, […]

Actionable insights from Burson-Marsteller on the Global 100 and the social web


If you were to guess which has been the preferred social channel of the top 100 global companies in the Fortune 500 list over the past three years, you’d be spot on if you said Twitter. That’s what research by PR and communications firm Burson-Marsteller shows in its Global Social Media Check-Up Report 2012 that […]