Frictionless podcast listening with Player FM

If you listen to podcasts, might interest you if you want an easy way to both listen to your favourite shows and discover new ones. is a podcasting service in the cloud. You use it in your web browser – there are no apps to install, just an easy-to-use method to create a […]

16 business podcasts worth listening to

As a podcaster, I listen to quite a few other communication-related business podcasts. Finding good ones (always a rather subjective term) isn’t easy, though. I’ve previously lamented the lack of really compelling business audio other than radio that I can listen to in the car or at my desk or when walking around the supermarket. […]

Obviously maths isn’t our strong point

Shel Holtz and I mark a milestone today as January 3 is the anniversary of the first episode of The Hobson & Holtz Report podcast which we started together on this date in 2005. As we said in the latest episode of the show, which we recorded yesterday, today we begin our seventh year of […]

FIR Book Club starts in January 2012

Welcome to the FIR Book Club. You already think of FIR as the podcast where you find out what’s making news and why in the worlds of public relations, social media, and communication. Now, the FIR book club – announced on the most recent episode of FIR – is a way to connect with the […]