There is no try


Today is Blog Action Day, an annual event that’s run since 2007 that aims to create a positive discussion online that enables social good about an important topic. The topic this year is The Power of We. This is my contribution to the conversation. In the second Star Wars film of the original trilogy, released […]

How to ramp up the engagement effect


The last time you went to a conference or other such event, what was the engagement like? Were there lots of questions? Did people in the audience offer to share what they thought on a given topic or issue? How engaging was it all? There are many dynamics at play regarding what will make an […]

Influence rank: the shape of recruitment to come


If your job embraces community building and engagement across the social web, does your ranking on an online influence-measurement service like Klout matter? For some companies and recruiters, it certainly does. A case in point – has a job ad for a community manager where the list of desired skills includes this: Klout score […]

The beauty of TweetCamp


Two of the overriding impressions I formed after taking part in yesterday’s TweetCamp in London is that Twitter is whatever people want it to be; and there’s no right or wrong way to use it, only effective and ineffective. This was the second TweetCamp in London, the first being in 2009. TweetCamp is described as: […]

On board with The Huffington Post UK


In a few days time, an event takes place that marks another evolutionary milestone for the mainstream media – the launch of The Huffington Post UK edition on July 6. The Huffington Post is a US news website and content aggregating blog founded in 2005 by Arianna Huffington and others. With origins as a liberal […]

FIR’s still a labour of love


On May 23, my podcasting partner Shel Holtz and I marked a milestone number for our weekly business podcast For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report, usually referred to simply as ‘FIR’ – episode number 600. Many of our listeners had nice things to say about this anniversary of sorts, for which we’re grateful. […]

Marking five years as a podcaster

Today, January 3, 2010, is rather a special day for Shel Holz and I as it marks the fifth anniversary of For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report, the podcast we both started on January 3, 2005. To me, that day five years ago often feels like it was only yesterday. Yet so much […]

Spending most of a week in Sin City

A bit of a dramatic headline, perhaps, but Sin City aka Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, is where I’m headed on Sunday morning on a  Virgin Atlantic flight where I’ll be for most of next week, back here in the UK on Thursday morning. It’s been a few years since I was last in Vegas. Each […]

Joining WeissComm Group

[Update Oct 2: If you see the comments to this post, you will see so many messages with warm wishes. It’s almost overwhelming. See the end of this post for my audio response to everyone.] Big decisions sometimes don’t require a great deal of time to make. That’s certainly the case in a decision I […]